With the new staff, Mission Mount Olives Church of God will experience new days. By the power and strength of God in us and with us, we make big plans and vow to see great successes. God is good and we will stand on his word to see these projects and plans come to pass.

1- The greatest Pastoral movement – training and approaches for church growth, organization and structure to be done before our Convention this year.

2- Affiliation Certificate and Official Letter to all churches to post on site, new Licenses to all Pastors, Operational manual to each church and brochures to be done before this year convention.

3- Organization and structure of all the churches in Haiti, Canada and the Dominican Republic. Establishment of Districts and division of churches to be completed this year.

4- Official Office of the Mission in Haiti and missionary housing when doing missionary works to be completed.

5- Documentation of all churches, Official documents to Pastors, Credentials, Studies, Education, Preparation and training of all Haitian Pastors to serve effectively in their churches to be completed by July 2013

6- Another 20 to 30 churches to be planted in Haiti or Affiliated with MOCOG in the next four years.

7- Another 10-20 churches to be planted or affiliated with MOCOG in the next four years in the USA.

8- We are looking to add 20 to 30 churches or more in the next 4 years to our Denomination.

9- We will inspect every church in Haiti, document them, build at least a toilet for each one and do repair in others according to what the Lord will provide for us in the next four years. We will build a total of 30 toilets in 30 churches by the next 3 years.

10- We will put a boat on the sea to transport people or missionaries from CARRIESSE, HAITI to LA GONAVE, HAITI. The profit will serve for church development in the land. We dream to have it in place by the end of 2013 or before it. Donation of a boat is welcome for the work of God.

11- We will put a truck in Haiti that will help with transportation of missionaries and other mission needs. A pickup is needed and donation is welcome.

12- We will place in Haiti a Warehouse where all our ministerial goods and humanitarian materials will be sent before distribution. We will see to it on or before the end of 2013.

13- By the end of 2012 we will seek to organize all unorganized churches of the Denomination in the USA.

14- By the end of 2012, all Mount Olives Pastors should be able to receive some type of compensation from their local churches for the works performed. You must be a licensed Pastor with the denomination to benefit such a support. This is not a form of employment but a form of compensation or gifts.

15- In the next 3 years we will have Conference for Men, Women and Youth ministries in a chosen location. It will be different from our regular annual convention.

16- We will plant 3 Secondary Schools in Haiti to add to the Elementary Schools we already have throughout the country. One each year for the next 3 years of this new Administration.

17- Mission Mount Olives church of God will have its own Theological Bible School by July 2013. We will start working right away to get the legal documents to do just that. we will start with online training, external studies and move to campus classes as we locate the proper Instructors needed for the job.

18- By the end of 2013 in our convention of that year, all MOUNT OLIVES PASTORS will receive new Ordination Certificate for completing CONNAISSANCE PASTORALE 1 and 2 with two hundred questions for a total of $250.00 (You will receive 2 books, the question pages and answer sheets)

19- The staff of the Board will visit each church of the Denomination by the end of 2013.


THE PROJECT-PLANS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE NEW BOARD Rev. Jean Smith Soiro, President January 2012 – January 2016 207 S. SEQUOIA DRIVE – WEST PALM BEACH, FL 33409 561-667-9052 EMAIL: PASTORSOIRO@GMAIL.COM




It is the firm belief of this new Administration that everyone of our Mission will cooperate and participate to help us realize these great goals in the interest of the work of God.

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